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Benny the Great
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name is Benny Backswin, I belong to Zona-Light.

The little Things by BennyisloveName: Benny, Benn, Ben, Zona The little Things by Bennyislove

By onigirystuff by BennyisloveAbout me: By onigirystuff by Bennyislove
I'm the type of person that anyone is welcome to talk to. I don't bite. I do have social anxiety, but that is something I'm working on to fix. If I end up not replying to you fast it's probably because I've written my response about 5 times trying to figure out a good way to reply to sound normal xD You don't ever have to be afraid to note me or comment on things, I don't find it a nuance at all. In fact I love it<3
I am a HUGE people pleaser, meaning I will do many things to make people feel happy and good. That is probably why you see a lot of free things from me. Usually when I'm in a hurt spot I'll do some free event to make others happy. When others are happy I'm happy. Some people think of this as the sweetest person in the world, and others will just take advantage of my giving heart. But in all honesty, I don't care, because in the end I know that even with a bitter intention they are still happy and that makes me happy.

You are always welcomed to draw my characters, I never get mad at gift art xD I think of it as an honor because you spent time to draw my child<3


My amazing Icon was made by: MonsterMoxie

Commission Info:


No Money Needed Stuff:

Bagbean art gifts:…
Bagbean Bag pixel Gifts:…
Art Trades:…
Thank You Gifts:…

My Griffia Wishlist<3…
Make sure you're replying to my comment here… so that I can see it!! ;u; Thank you<3

Since I don't have a pen... I can't seem to sit still.. x'D SOOO!! I started to think of what I could do to entertain myself! I remembered that I have my old prisma marker set and a lot of sticker paper left, so why don't I make some stickers for people!?

The last ones I made were these:
Sticker Gifts by Bennyislove   Soosh Sticker Love by Bennyislove  Sticker babes by Bennyislove

I'm not 100% sure how these ones will look because I haven't done stickers in a while, but we'll just have to see!! :D

Because I'll be using artist markers, there is a high chance that I won't have all the right colors for your character! I'll do my best to match it, but if I don't have the colors I could possibly send you a line art sticker like you see in the sushi dog sticker batch.

You won't have to pay for mailing, BUT due to our closest post office moving I can only mail Stickers to people in the USA Which makes me sad because I like sending stuff to other countries D': 

That being said, I don't mind if you still comment a character but you live in a different country. Just let me know in your comments that you are in another country. I can hold onto the sticker and hope that one day I'll be going to the post office. but there are no promises. xux

All I need from you:
Character Name/Reff:
3 Words to describe their personality:
Are you okay with them being mailed to you?:

//You may request more than one character

I won't reply to you on here unless there's a color issue or I need extra info.
When I've made the stickers I'll post them all together in one image and tag everyone.
I'll then request that you send me a note with your mailing info! 
When giving me your info, you do not need to give me your real name if you do not want to! Your username will work just as well uwu I'll be using Benny B. for my mailing info.

Just So You Know: It may take a while for me to mail them all out!! I will however send you a note to inform you that I've sent them. ;u; I think I only have around 4 or 5 stamps atm, but I can get more. 

Any questions or concerns feel free to ask below or note me!! 
  • Listening to: My dog Farting
  • Watching: You ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
I thought it would be fun to make an innocent wish list for this up coming holiday uwu I know there has been some drama going on with them, but I believe that if you have good intentions and are being respectful then it's fine! I don't expect anything from this, and if someone does end up gifting me something I will be honored and appreciate it! That being said, you do not have to gift me anything!! ;A; The warmth of your friendship is enough<3 I don't want to tag any one or write down specific names. uwu

The lil List:

First off!
I wish that the end of this year turns into a fantastic, most wonderful few months for everyone reading<3 UwU

-Any kind of art of my beloved main characters:
Asen  Pastel Punk by Bennyislove Cammy  Cammy by Bennyislove Danny  Danny by Bennyislove Nocturne  By Cinnabutt by Bennyislove Zona (She is in need of a new reff by me x'D) Summer Light by Bennyislove Alt look  Life can only Burn holes by Bennyislove

-Art/Love for my babies in here:

-Make more friends on here<3<3
-A core to get rid of the nasty ADs x'D
-More character relationships with others<3 I love drawing my characters with other peoples ;A;

I hope that everyone has a spectacular winter!! ;U; And keep your toes warm!<3
  • Listening to: My dog Farting
  • Watching: You ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


Does any one have any good tips or links for drawing different types of facial features on humans? I really want to get better at drawing more diverse features on my charters. //I'm wording this so weird// I only really know how to draw small noses on skinny people. x) But I have characters from different cultures/races that don't have features that are all the same? 
GAH<3 You peeps are amazing<333

What do I have to do to get someone to buy me a $10 character? //I would get it myself.. but payday is the 25th and I'm sure they'll be gone by then x'D
Ive been added to quite a few wishlists to my surprise.
First off, I am so freaking flattered when ever I see that I was tagged in a list. It really fuzzies up my heart .

Secondly, I really don't mind being tagged in wishlists As long as you're not asking for my babies. if you want to tag me on your list, either for art or designs, I won't mind. UwU I can't get to everyone, but I'll do what I can<3


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