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Benny the Great
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My name is Benny Backswin, I belong to Zona-Light.

The little Things by BennyisloveName: Benny, Benn, Ben, Zona The little Things by Bennyislove

By onigirystuff by BennyisloveAbout me: By onigirystuff by Bennyislove
I'm the type of person that anyone is welcome to talk to. I don't bite. I do have social anxiety, but that is something I'm working on to fix. If I end up not replying to you fast it's probably because I've written my response about 5 times trying to figure out a good way to reply to sound normal xD You don't ever have to be afraid to note me or comment on things, I don't find it a nuance at all. In fact I love it<3
I am a HUGE people pleaser, meaning I will do many things to make people feel happy and good. That is probably why you see a lot of free things from me. Usually when I'm in a hurt spot I'll do some free event to make others happy. When others are happy I'm happy. Some people think of this as the sweetest person in the world, and others will just take advantage of my giving heart. But in all honesty, I don't care, because in the end I know that even with a bitter intention they are still happy and that makes me happy.

You are always welcomed to draw my characters, I never get mad at gift art xD I think of it as an honor because you spent time to draw my child<3


My amazing Icon was made by: MonsterMoxie

Open Free Gifts:

Bagbean art gifts:…
Bagbean Bag pixel Gifts:…

My Griffia Wishlist<3…

Ive been thinking of getting hip piercings, anyone have them that would like to share anything about them? 

11 deviants said Nope
3 deviants said I want some too!!
1 deviant said Yes! (comment?)
I'm really happy with Cammys design and I don't believe I'll change anything that would need a star bean. uwu I wanted to wait till I had another star bean so that I could sell one and give one, but I chose to do it now. When I get another one I'll try to do a give away thing.

I'm not sure how much they go for, so feel free to offer<3 I'm only interested in paypal offers.

Star bean by griffsnuff

Other Beans Bank  I'm easy to find under the B's in the starbean section uwu 
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I'm just having a poopy day xux

I'm being 'let off' from my job I JUST started. I've been working for about 10 days at a coffee and deli place. It's a work study job from my school, so they placed me there. I had 2 days of training, then the next week I was placed on the scheduled. My boss wanted me to do the 8-11am shift. that is the breakfast shift where only two people were on. So it was him and I working alone. We open at 8 so I had to know what to do for opening, no one went over it with me. 

After 2 weeks, I worked 4 days one week and 2 days the other, he told me I was being slow and not getting orders right. I'm thinking 'no shit.. I've only been here a few days with only 2 days of training'. So I try harder to be fast and exact. Then he comes up to me and says that he doesn't like my clean OCD. I tried making the sandwiches clean, he wanted them sloppy to look 'bigger'. So I made them cleanly sloppy. 

I've only made learning hiccups till now, One time he sent me to the freezer down the hall to get the soup for the day and I couldn't find it. I had no idea what it looked like. I looked twice and then came back. He went to look and found it. It was called "cream of potato soup" he asked for potato soup. I didn't know he wanted the cream one. 

Next time I goof up I'm making a breakfast bowl. My very first one might I add. It was a veggie one, I added the things but left out the onions and mushrooms by accident, I didn't see them on the list. He comes over and isn't happy. We fix the issue and go on our way.

Today I actually made a bad mistake. He needed to used the restroom and told me to call him if I needed anything. One, calling him while he's pooping isn't a fun thought. two, he told me a story about this girl who works for him always calling him when he was in the bathroom, making me feel bad if I had to call him. He left and the UPS guy comes in with a package. I have no idea what to do, if I'm able to sign or not. I ask the UPS guy and he said it'd have to be up to your boss. So I tell him he's in the restroom and he'll be out shortly. The UPS guy waits a bit then says He'll have to bring it tomorrow. So he leaves a note and goes. I should of either signed for it or called but I was too stuck on which to do that I didn't do either. 

My boss comes back and sees the note and flips out, it was a coffee shipment and he was already dangerously low on coffee. He gets really upset with me for not calling. After he cools of he comes over to me to give me a speech about how this was really bad of me to do. I'm already beating the shit out of me mentally, making people upset or disappointed in me is a really bad thing for me mentally. Then he tells me he's been thinking of letting me go because I don't seem to be 'listening' or following instructions. Which is the complete opposite! He tries sugar coating things then says he's still going to think about it. Once he leaves I'm trying so hard to hold back tears.

He calls his wife and she says "If she is not listening and causing stress then let her go". After the call he does a few things, then 10 mins before I'm off he comes back and pretty much says 'I'm letting you off' by taking away my shifts and saying he'll just have me on call if he needs me to come it. He says 'you're a nice girl and a great worker' and shit but I just feel like he didn't even give me a chance... 

I was too upset to defend myself, I just nodded and left. It really tore me up because I feel like I was falsely judged and wasn't given a chance. 

When I told my mom she was in complete shock, she knows that saying I don't follow instructions was obscured and wrong. 

I'm super upset atm... 
  • Listening to: My dog Farting
  • Watching: You ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


When people are so salty they create a rip off species account to throw their fits. uwu Someone needs a diaper change.. 

My best friends birthday is coming up in may and I want to get her some really nice clothes that she would feel sexy and confident in. ;A; She is one of those pretty girls with weight in all the right places, but because she isn't as small as me she gets insecure. I want to show her that she is beautiful uwu I'll be getting the 3 pieces I owe done then I would like to open commissions to save up as much as I can for her gift. It would be pixels and 2 full bodies at a time. so I don't over stress myself. Once those full bodies are done I'll open 2 more. uwu 

if you know of any cute plus size stores or websites I'd love to know!! ;U; 


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